TV Wall Brackets

A wall mounted flatscreen TV has become one of the most popular home decorating ‘trends’ of recent time. Not only can a wall mounted TV make a stunning feature in any room, but it also helps to free up valuable floor space, helping to make small rooms look much larger, a definite benefit for your customers.

Our LCD and plasma screen wall mounts are of high quality and well priced, and are recognised amongst the best products of their kind in the world.

Our mounts are compatible with virtually every television on the market and are fully compatible with the VESA standards operated by most TV manufacturers, as well as the ‘random’ standard used by TV manufacturers who have elected not to abide by this widely recognised standard. Our wall mounts also have multiple fixing points to the rear making them suitable for both stud and brick walls, and are quick and easy to install.

Made from solid reinforced heavy-gauge steel, our brackets are rigorously tested to ensure the absolute safety and peace of mind of your customers – as well as their TVs. All of our products are ISO:9001, CE, UL, TUV and GS certified.

We stock a range of slim, tilting and swivel mounts, giving your customers the exact effect they are after. The tilting mounts employ a patented tilt system allowing the user to easily change the angle by 15 degrees, with the swivel system allowing the user to swivel the TV by upto 180 degrees.

Our products are so widely recognised that many of the world’s largest TV manufacturers have agreed to put their names to them including Philips, Sony, Pioneer, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and Hitachi. We also sell a wide range of unbranded brackets.